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ReNforce Team Members


Ikethia Daniels

Ikethia Daniels

Workforce Management Developer

As the Workforce Management Developer at ReNforce, Ikethia Daniels brings a unique perspective shaped by a rich personal journey. Hailing from Augusta, GA, Ikethia is a proud alumna of Richmond Academy, where she excelled on the girls’ basketball team and secured a lasting legacy as a Hall of Fame inductee, commemorated within the school gymnasium.

Her path took an unexpected turn at the age of 20, leading to 12 years of incarceration in Richmond County. Following her reclamation of freedom, Ms. Daniels embarked on a transformative journey, obtaining a CDL from Oconee Fall Line Technical College in Jefferson County.

Venturing beyond Georgia to Wyoming and Denver, Colorado, Ikethia returned to her roots in 2022. Despite facing considerable employment hurdles, her resilience drove her to join ReNforce. Ms. Daniels passionately channels her personal experiences to bridge the gap between individuals and employment opportunities. Her dedication lies in fostering empowerment and dismantling obstacles within the community, leveraging her journey as a catalyst for change.

Jasmin Mendoza-Balmes

Jasmin Mendoza-Balmes

Social Media Manager

Meet Jasmin Mendoza-Balmes, the dedicated Social Media Manager at ReNforce, a non-profit organization where she has diligently served for over two years. With a profound commitment to fostering positive change, Jasmin firmly believes in the transformative potential of second chances. Her tenure at ReNforce has been a personal journey marked by a deep-seated belief in the impact of providing individuals with opportunities for rebuilding their lives.

Jasmin’s role encompasses a mission and goes beyond managing social media because she has a passion for bringing about change. Her commitment to ReNforce’s cause has allowed her to contribute to a cause greater than herself. Leveraging digital platforms, she has skillfully wielded them to amplify awareness about RenForce’s mission and the organization’s remarkable strides.

For Jasmin, this isn’t merely a job—it’s a calling. She sees it as an opportunity to serve as a voice for those seeking a chance to rewrite their stories. Jasmin’s dedication lies in being an advocate for second chances and advocating for those who need it most.