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Our comprehensive training and support programs for career-seekers.

Empowering Justice-Impacted Career Seekers

At ReNforce, we understand the challenges that justice-impacted individuals face when pursuing career aspirations. We believe in breaking down barriers and advocating for your success.

Our commitment goes beyond professional development; we are dedicated to supporting your social and emotional well-being throughout your journey.

Navigating Barriers and Self-Advocacy

We recognize the importance of empowering justice-impacted individuals to navigate obstacles and advocate for themselves.

Our comprehensive training program, personalized coaching, and supportive resources are tailored tools crafted to assist you in overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities.

Holistic Development

Our approach goes beyond professional skills; we prioritize the holistic development of our justice-impacted career seekers. Strengthening social and emotional health is crucial to your success!

Our program equips you with job-ready skills and focuses on nurturing your well-being for a more confident and resilient approach to your career path.

Supportive Tools for Success

From tailored training modules to one-on-one coaching and comprehensive guides, our resources are designed to empower you at every step.

We are here to provide the support and guidance you need to thrive personally and professionally.

Empowering Employers for Inclusivity

We are committed to supporting you and empowering employers. Our training and coaching for employers shed light on the untapped potential of justice-impacted career seekers.

We raise awareness about unconscious biases that employers may have, particularly concerning individuals with prior convictions.

By addressing these biases head-on, we aim to prepare our justice-impacted career seekers for a fairer chance in the job market.

Preparing for Success

We understand the challenges of overcoming biases in the hiring process.

Our efforts aim to level the playing field by ensuring that employers are equipped to recognize the potential and skills of our justice-impacted career seekers.

At ReNforce, we stand with you and are committed to providing the tools, guidance, and advocacy necessary for your success!

Testimonials From Our Participants

C. Clements

career seekers at work“[The training] gave me an opportunity to open up, when at one time it was hard. Thanks for breaking that chain. This training lets me know that I have the power and the leadership skills to get a job.”

D. Johnson

career seekers at work mechanic“The training provided the mindset of confidence and motivation because it helped me to become better prepared, and to understand how to present myself to the employer and know what to say.”

D. Flake

career seekers at work fork liift driver“[I appreciated] the willingness of the trainer to answer all questions we had regarding our transition to employment. The techniques and information taught will be helpful in our efforts to gain employment.”

B. Deal

career seekers at work tech-person in park“The training taught me how to present and identify myself after being system-impacted. I am more confident in presenting myself for my upcoming interviews.”

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