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ReNforce – Diversifying the Workforce.

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Welcome to ReNforce, your destination for empowering businesses, careers, and safe housing for women. Our personalized coaching programs, career-building workshops, and diverse talent pool create an inclusive workforce. Explore our galleries, read testimonials, and access online coaching resources to unlock your potential. ReNforce helps you find balance, set ambitious goals, and take on new challenges.

ReNforce – Diversifying the Workforce.


Attendees At Open The House

Inside The House

 What Is Redemption House

Redemption House is a sanctuary designed to provide justice-involved women with the support, guidance, and resources they need to rebuild their lives.

We understand that the journey to reentry and self-discovery can be challenging, but with the right environment and assistance, every woman has the potential to rise above their past and create a brighter future!

Redemption House


C. Clements

“[The training] gave me an opportunity to open up, when at one time it was hard. Thanks for breaking that chain. This training lets me know that I have the power and the leadership skills to get a job.”

D. Johnson

“The training provided the mindset of confidence and motivation because it helped me to become better prepared, and to understand how to present myself to the employer and know what to say.”

D. Flake

“[I appreciated] the willingness of the trainer to answer all questions we had regarding our transition to employment. The techniques and information taught will be helpful in our efforts to gain employment.”

B. Deal

“The training taught me how to present and identify myself after being system-impacted. I am more confident in presenting myself for my upcoming interviews.”