Welcome to Redemption House

At Redemption House, we believe in the power of second chances and the transformative journey towards a brighter future. Our mission is to provide a safe haven and a supportive community for justice-impacted women seeking redemption, rehabilitation, and a fresh start in life.
Facilitating Personal Growth and Reintegration: Our commitment extends to guiding justice-impacted women in breaking free from cycles of hardship and challenges while supporting their reintegration into society after experiences with the criminal justice system.

We aim to lead them toward a journey of healing, personal growth, and self-discovery, fostering a path that embraces their successful return to the community.

Redemption House Offers

Comprehensive Trauma Informed Programs

Our holistic approach encompasses a range of programs and services tailored to address various aspects of personal development, mental health, skill-building, and community integration.

Reintegration Supports

Structured programs designed to support women on their journey towards reintegration, offering trauma-informed counseling, life skills training, and emotional support.

Skill Development

Providing learning and skill enhancement opportunities to facilitate successful social reintegration, including vocational training and educational support.

Community Support

Creating a supportive network where justice-impacted women can connect, share experiences, and build a sense of belonging.

Get Involved

Join us in our mission by volunteering your time, expertise, or resources. Your contribution can make a meaningful difference in someone’s life.