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Charlotte Perez

Charlotte PerezPresident

Charlotte Perez

Dr. Linda Woodard

Dr. Linda WoodardVice President

Dr. Linda Woodard began her career as a sales/lubrication engineer for a major oil company before transitioning to entrepreneurship in 2005, founding LDW Group LLC.

With a wealth of experience in workforce development, she served as the Associate VP of Workforce Education and Economic Development at Florida State College at Jacksonville, achieving remarkable success, including overseeing substantial grants and driving revenue growth.Her extensive career spans roles as the VP of External Relations and Funding at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland and as a regional director at INROADS Inc.

Additionally, she has held positions at The OSU Young Scholars Program and the United Negro College Fund, along with secondary education roles in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Dr. Woodard is a highly accomplished professional with expertise in workforce education, career development, and grants management.

Her company, LDW Group LLC, specializes in providing workforce and career development services to individuals and organizations. This includes offering Facilitating Career Development Training for practitioners seeking international certifications in career services.

Cesillia Mixco

Cesillia MixcoSecretary

Cesillia Mixco is a staunch advocate for criminal justice reform, a passion sparked during her college years when she encountered systemic injustices within the Los Angeles probation system.

As a case manager, she supported individuals navigating incarceration and housing instability. Progressing to Operations Manager at The Bail Project, Cesillia furthered her commitment to challenging cash bail limitations.

Her dedication to reform stems from personal experiences within the criminal justice system. Cesillia advocates for prioritizing mental health over-incarceration, emphasizing the need to understand and address the underlying causes of individuals’ behavior.

Lee Lynwood

Lee LynwoodTreasurer

Lee Lynwood, a Louisville native, established herself in banking and accounting after graduating from the Jefferson County public school system.

In 1989, she pursued higher education at Central Georgia Technical College, excelling with a 3.8 GPA and honors in Business Management.

For over three decades, Lee has served as the administrator and business office manager at The Word of Faith Ministries, Inc., showcasing exceptional financial and managerial skills. Her commitment transcends professional limitations; she actively participates in international missions out of a passionate desire to spread Christ’s love and enable people to reach their full potential.

Lee excels professionally and fulfills roles as a devoted wife and mother to her daughter. Her extensive experience and unwavering commitment make her an invaluable asset to any endeavor.

Lee’s passion for spreading the love of Christ stems from personal encounters within the criminal legal system. This experience ignited her fervor to uplift others, emphasizing the transformative power of faith and compassion in restoring lives impacted by the system’s challenges.

Lauren Tignor

Lauren TignorMember

Lauren Tignor grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended the University of Georgia, where she graduated magna cum laude, with a dual degree in Sociology and Psychology.

Upon graduation, she worked as a paralegal for an Atlanta law firm. After several years, she decided to enroll in law school at Georgia State University. While at GSU Law, she developed a passion for criminal law.

She had the opportunity to spend a semester studying international legal systems in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. She also interned with the Georgia Capital Defender’s office, where she worked on death penalty appeals.

She has practiced primarily criminal defense for 13 years. Ms. Tignor serves on a local school board, volunteers in animal rescue, and is an advocate for organ donation. She was given a second chance at life through a lifesaving organ transplant. She strives to honor her donor’s memory by helping others.

Dr. Zaria Davis


Dr. Zaria Davis

Dr. Zaria Davis, a spiritual care provider, mentor, educator, and advocate, is on the path to ordination with the United Church of Christ.

Her educational background includes a DSW from Capella University, an MSW from the University of Cincinnati, an MDiv from Eden Theological, and a BA in Sociology from Wilberforce University. Proficient in Mental Health First Aid, certified in reiki, and experienced in leading healing circles addressing community and workplace trauma, she champions equity and has led discussions on post-incarceration syndrome.

Dr. Davis fervently pursues restoration and healing for those affected by oppressive systems, notably within the criminal legal sphere.

Amy Delozier

Amy DelozierMember

Amy Delozier is a criminal defense and family law attorney based in Savannah, Georgia. She is the owner of Coastal Empire Law Group.

Amy is originally from Hall County, Georgia, and has lived in Savannah for ten years. She attended the University of North Georgia and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Political Science and a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

She attended Savannah Law School and has been a practicing attorney in Savannah for 8 years. During her career, she has represented individuals in all criminal and family law areas.

Rhoda Kimble-Wheeler

Rhoda Kimble WheelerMember

Rhoda Kimble-Wheeler, the Accountability Courts Coordinator for Columbia Judicial Circuit, leads evidence-based treatment initiatives for justice-involved individuals. With certifications in Alcohol and Drug Counseling and Criminal Justice, Rhoda spearheads programs addressing substance abuse, mental health, and military trauma.

She also manages Augusta’s Youth Diversion To Arts, providing counseling and arts-based activities for youth facing charges, leading to charge dismissals upon program completion.

Beyond her role, Rhoda has pioneered impactful programs, including Georgia’s Drug Court and the state’s largest RSAT program at Coastal State Prison.

Her commitment extends to implementing aftercare services for returning citizens statewide. With a Masters’ in Criminal Justice from Troy University, she instructs in Georgia’s collegiate system and contributes to community boards while balancing her role as a proud mother and AAU girls’ basketball coach, finding joy in sports and travel during her downtime.

Dr. William Sansing

Dr. William SansingMember

Dr. William Sansing, with over twenty years of dedicated advocacy for individuals with disabilities, those affected by the legal system, and people grappling with substance use disorders (SUD), remains fervently committed to fostering equitable opportunities for all.

Formerly an Associate Dean of Instruction and District Director of Student Counseling, Advising, and Dual Enrollment Services at East Mississippi Community College, William spearheaded institution-wide initiatives promoting accessibility and student success in higher education.

His efforts included guiding individuals directly impacted by the justice system toward educational pathways through adult basic educational programs.

His academic accomplishments include a Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education/School Counseling & Guidance Services and Sociology from Mississippi State University.

Nicole Johnston

Nicole JohnstonMember

Nicole Johnston